October 6, 2012

Hegemonic on Course for Publication!

Good news for those who have been following the progress of Hegemonic’s design + development, the game has been picked up for publication by Minion Games!

Minion Games has released some great games, mostly recently The Manhattan Project, and I feel they will do a great job with Hegemonic. I will continue to be involved throughout the process of finalizing the design and other aspects of the production, which Minion Games and myself are both very excited about. Nothing is set as far as release a date goes, but we are aiming for somewhere in the latter half of 2013.

For the time being, I want to thank everyone who has given their input and feedback throughout the design process. The game would not be where it is today without your enthusiasm and encouragement, so please stay tuned for more updates and details in the months ahead!

Feel free to drop a line here or in this thread.

Explore. Build. Fight. Plot.

It is a momentous time for the Post-Human Assembly. Having populated the Milky Way, the Great Houses turn their eyes towards a neighboring galaxy, endeavoring to venture across the inter-galactic void to stake claim among uncharted stars. Each Great House seeks dominance, for in the race to achieve hegemony only one will be victorious.

Gameplay Description

Hegemonic is a game of galactic exploration, empire building, conflict, and cunning. Players explore sectors of a new galaxy, employ far-reaching technologies, and perform calculated actions to expand their power. The game scales smoothly from 2-6 players, played in about 30 minutes per player, and with a modular board system and special House abilities yields a highly re-playable experience.

Core gameplay in Hegemonic hinges on a simultaneous action mechanic, where players must carefully balance their expansion and economy while sequencing their actions strategically around the moves of their opponents. Timing and deduction are critical to executing long-term plans successfully and undermining the opposition.

Hegemonic is unique among civilization games because it forgoes typical linear expansion approaches in favor of a fluid exploration system giving players control over the shape the galaxy and where empires quickly become twined together. Players harness distinct economic, political, and martial systems, each with their own way of accumulating power and performing actions. These dynamics come together to a create a wide-open decision space through which players can exercise their strategic genius over the course of the game.

Hegemonic is highly interactive, with direct conflicts occurring throughout the game. Multi-purpose conflict/technology cards are combined with a tactful hand-building mechanic, allowing players to craft and balance their strategic options while minimizing the luck-of-the-draw when resolving actions.

The player best able to expand their empire across the galaxy and maintain a position of power in the different galactic regions will be the winner and achieve Hegemony!

Photo Credit: Minion Games - Hegemonic Prototype Testing - 6 player game.

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