Big Game Theory! is a blog about games (both digital and tabletop), game design, and any and all other forms of pontificating and prognosticating.  This blog was originally hosted (and will continue to be mirrored) at BoardGameGeek.com.

I have a few goals for this blog:
  1. Discuss game design methods, approaches, and technics in an open, fluid, and creative manner.
  2. Hatch crazy ideas, throw it at the wall, and see what sticks.
  3. Encourage more critical and thoughtful discussion of games, game design, and the gaming industry.
  4. Have fun!

Contact Information

You can get in touch with me a few different ways:

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You can also leave comments here on the blog.

Gaming Interests

Whether it be a video game or a boardgame, I look for games with cool and fun themes that give players a lot of creativity and freedom to explore different strategies.  Additionally, games with more player interaction are always better, and the less structured and more dynamic it is the more I'm inclined to like it.  In other words, I want games to have some sense of emergence, where the gameplay takes on a life of its own each time and strategies aren't some scripted, pre-baked thing.

For themes, I'm a sucker for all things science-fiction related.  Beyond that I don't have strong preferences so long as the game trying to do something fresh and interesting with the theme.  Above all though, I want games to have congruency between their theme and the mechanics.  I can't stand it when mechanics are arbitrary or nonsensical within the context of the game's theme and setting.

As for genres of games, in the digital realm I most enjoy 4X / civilization style games.  Turn-based games seem to fit the pace of my life better these days, but bonus points go to turn based games that are tight and concise, and immediately playable in multiplayer.  I've been a big FPS (first person shooter) gamer in the past, although these days it's more casual. 

For boardgames I have a broad taste.  I prefer games in the 1.5-3 hour range with a high degree of strategy, lots of interesting choices, good player interaction (both on and "above" the table), and a moderate amount of theme. Current favorites include Antike, Cyclades, Race for the Galaxy, Small World, and Glen More. I also have a hankering for games with a lot of "compactness," where you get a lot of game in a small footprint, such as Citadels, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, and Magnate

In the past, I have been heavily into minature games, including Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (starting with rouge trader!), Necromunda, and BattleTech. I also played a lot of Magic: The Gathering from Revised/The Dark to a little past Ice Age (so a while ago!)

Game Design:

I have this habit of being unable to play a game and not want to discuss how the game might be "improved". It has always been that way for me. And I’ve always enjoyed doing it.

On the boardgame side, I've designed (and tweaked) boardgames since I was little.  My first published boardgame is Hegemonic, published by Minion Games in 2013, a science fiction 4x/civ style game.  In addition, I have at any given moment 3-6 game concepts in some stage of design, development, disposal, and revival.  Check out the Designs page for more information on what I'm currently working on.

In addition to writing new or alternate rules for miniature or board games, I’ve also been a PC game modder, beta-tester, and level designer.  A landmark overhaul mod for Fallout 3, Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition, is my biggest claim to fame - and it's a mod that still sits on the top of the chart with over 1.5-million downloads! wOOT!