Yes, this is a page of links.  Like in the good ole days before search engines and when Yahoo had a hierarchical index the entire internet outside the walls of AOL.  But I digress....

Digital games, mostly

eXplorminate - Reviews, podcasts, video coverage for 4X and strategy games.

The Scientific Gamer - Insightful and (usually cynical) reviews and articles of PC games

Keith Burgen - Excellent thoughts on game design

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - General PC game coverage especially for indie games

Pocket Tactics - iOS/mobile strategy games

Space Game Junkie - Blog / vlog / podcast for all games set in space. +Podcast

Tabletop games, mostly

Board Game Geek - Monster site, forums, game databse, blogs, etc.

Space Biff! - Awesome game reviews and analysis

There Will be Games - BGG's dark twin

iSlayTheDragon - News/Reviews/Smorgasbords

Nick Bentley Games - Designer and blogger

Podcasts / Videocasts

Three Moves Ahead - Excellent podcast focusing on PC strategy gaming, often with special industry guests.

The Long View - In-depth commentary and discussion of boardgames

Plaid Hat Podcast - Often insightful and always hilarious podcast from boardgame publishers Plaid Hat Games.

Drive Thru Reviews - Video reviews and commentary by the legend, Joel Eddy

Ludology - Great table top podcast with reviews and design musings


(Defunct) Space Sector - In-depth coverage of 4X and civilization games (defunct)

(Defunct) Exploring Games with Chris - Nice in depth reviews and articles. +Podcast

(Defunct) Strawpixel - Boardgame blog by Stephen Brochu (Ubisoft designer)

(Defunct) Most Dangerous - Design blog

(Defunct) Oakleaf Games - Design blog and reviews

(Defunct) Painted Wooden Cubes - Excellent commentary on games from Mark Taylor