September 24, 2013

Hegemonic - A Pictorial History

James Mathe from Minion Games received the first final production (retail) copy of Hegemonic from the printer, and took a number of unboxing photographs. All I can is that the game looks incredible. Hegemonic is a complex game with a lot of different pieces, and James did an outstanding job getting it all coordinated with the printer. I'm certainly inspired by what I see!

I thought it would be interesting to pause for a moment and do a little photo documentary of Hegemonic’s evolution from the early prototypes to the final copy, making note of some of the important events along the way.

The first steps for the design of Hegemonic occurred around September in 2010. In total, the process has taken roughly 3 years, with the game due to be shipping out to kickstarter backers later this fall.


February, 2011 - Original GameID image for Hegemonic. The final box cover remains close to this design.

April, 2011 - 3rd version of the prototype setup for 3-players. First in a series of images posted showing off the nicer graphic design for Hegemonic as I was moving into external playtesting stages.

April, 2011 - 3rd version of the prototype. Close up of the player boards and black foam core construction used for the prototype.

October 2011 - 10th version of the prototype. Showing some incremental graphic refinement, but mostly just continued gameplay changes and adjustments. A little over a year of total design time.

April 2012 - 12th version of the prototype. Still foam core.

May 2012 - Back of the box image from of 1 of 3 high level prototypes I built in preparation for shopping the game around to publishers.

June 2012 - A big image for Hegemonic. This one rose to the front page of BGG. Also the first image to show the acrylic laser cut pieces.

June 2012 - The image not taken by me of the game. In this case, it was Jesse Dean of the blog On Gamers' Games during one of his playtests leading up to a preview article about the game.

June 2012 - Close-up of the higher quality prototypes with the acrylic pieces.

November 2012 - Hegemonic has been picked up for publication by Minion Games. This image was taken by James Mathe of Minion Games while demoing the game at BGG.CON 2012.

February 2013 - Kickstarter backers contribute to the naming and backstory development of Hegemonic's expanded selection of leader cards and their special in-game abilities.

April 2013 - Closer to final back of the box image as we get digital files ready for printing.

August 2013 - GenCon 2013 demo of Hegemonic. First images of the plastic unit and base tokens in action.

September 2013 - Unboxing of the first retail copy of Hegemonic. Look at all that stuff!!!!!!

September 2013 - And another one just because!

September 2013 - The minimalistic and mysterious box cover!

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