June 6, 2014

Big Game Theory! Expands into a New Universe

The Big Game Theory! blog has a new, dedicated home in an alternate reality where BGG, impossibly, doesn't exist! What you say!?

The Big Game Theory blog launched at BoardGameGeek (BGG) to discuss boardgame design and design theory. The blog has been running at BGG since September 2011 and has generated a ton of great discussion and dedicated followers. So worry not, it will continue to be updated at the original location in full.

So why the dedicated site?

I’ve been expanding my coverage of games to cover non-boardgame games as well (i.e. PC and iOS games). Along with that comes a desire to reach out to a broader audience that may not be part of the BoardGameGeek community already and would thus be limited in their desire or ability to engage in the discussion. Expanding to a new dedicated site was a way for enabling more discussion with more people - which is the whole point of the blog!

That said – the blogging community at BoardGameGeek is FANTASTIC and I don’t want to jeopardize the wonderful involvement with the wonderful people and friends I’ve met there. Hence I now have the pleasure of running two sites: this one at this new location and the original site at BoardGameGeek.

I also wanted to play around with a new look and feel for the blog along with added functionality. As beautiful as BGG is as a website, it couldn’t happen there. So this desire required a different platform. Hopefully you find this look compelling and functional. Please drop a comment if you see something broken, screwed up, or rage inducing that you feel I should address.

So what’s next?

I have more new content in the works that will be posted as normal when its ready (and cross-posted on both sites). In addition, I will be duplicating the backlog of older posts slowly to this new site. I’ll use that as an opportunity to re-publicize some (but not all) of the older content and provide a bit of reflection on key older posts as well.

For now, please let me know if you have any comments or feedback on the new site and the changes. Beyond that, I look forward to hearing from you and keeping the conversation rolling in this new, expanding, universe.

Thank you for your time and interest! Cheers,

~Oliver Kiley

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